Windhorst Karma

The difference between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving right now is clear.  LeBron is complaining that he got fouled when games don’t go his way instead of coming out afterwards and saying that Brian Windhorst’s comments about him close are a distraction.  Kyrie is complaining about the media.

Superstars all complain, but you have to always go with the one complaining about basketball.  LeBron may have lost the game, but he won the war criticizing the refs last night.  He was wrong, but I have to give him credit.  Win the game playing basketball, not with uncontested awarded shots.

That was also a great block by Mason Plumlee, and he deserves credit for meeting LeBron at the top.  Foul or not, the refs are normal people too.  Contesting a man at the apex of his dunk with the rim behind you is always going to look epic.  Epic stuff is never a foul.

My Hope For Irving

"Dude, they are my shoulders and I will hunch them if I want."

“Dude, they are my shoulders and I will hunch them if I want.”

My hope for Kyrie Irving is that he returns to form, except he returns to a new form where he plays defense and cares.  I’m done with seeing the Kyrie Irving dejected shoulder hunch why didn’t someone rotate onto my man that I let blow by me.  DONE.  DIon Waiters, Jarret Jack, and Matty D might not be the most talented players (Dion probably is if you ask him), but they have been caring.

Instead of a dejected shoulder hunch you get a concerned, “hey I fucked up man.”  It’s great to see Cavs players own up to mistakes, and then keep playing hard.  The Cavs are 4-4 without Kyrie and face two terrible under .500 teams in the next couple of days, the Orlando Magic and the Atlanta Hawks.  They may win and they may not.  As long as they are trying hard, I can respect what they are doing.  That is, if they are Irving-less.

If Irving returns, I need to just see a win.  What I mean is, if old shoulder shrugging Kyrie is back, winning is all that I can see to be okay with the team.  It’s simple, one shoulder hunch, one win.  If Irving is back and talking and being a team man, then we can talk about what we’re seeing.

Right now, I doubt we will talk about anything if he comes back and we get a lose.  It will probably be because of him playing too much iso ball.  So Irving really just needs to win and keep any needs for talks from happening.

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Screenin’ for Dion

“I’m better than Kyrie.”

The Cavs lost a hard fought game against Miami last night.  LeBron James went truck mode and Dion Waiters grabbed his first NBA double-double, 17 points and 11 assists.  Dion deserves some praise because LeBron is always fuck truckin.

Dion went to the basket consistently and made some amazing lay-ups.  He also got blocked. A lot.  However, he still kept trying to get to the hoop at the end of the game, and I think that’s admirable.  I’d much rather see that than Dion dribbling three feet in and taking an off balance twenty footer.

His three ball is falling more now even though he took six and only made one this game.  It’s always good that he takes more threes because it usually means he’s avoiding the mid-range.  He also found open guys under the hoop, which kept everybody running the floor and trying.  Way to be Dion.

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My Latest Post Is A Bunch Of Links About The Cavs

Luol Deng wants the year to be done.

Luol Deng wants the year to be done.

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Tonight the Cavs look to fondle our hearts in regards to the playoffs against the Phoenix Suns.  I’m hoping the returning Eric Bledsoe acts like a shotgun and puts the Cavs playoff hopes down.  I wanna start talking about draft prospects already.  Let us start the Safari for Jabari.