Robert Kelly Part I: Remix To Toddlers

During the past month, I’ve mad a conscience effort to listen to more Robert Kelly. I’m not really sure why although I can guess. I’ve watched Trapped In The Closet several times to show the uninitiated. I’ve also been having some reminiscences about my childhood and how much better it was than my current post college degree life. Where does Robert come in? Well, between pb&js, power rangers, and bikes came Space Jam. The Space Jam soundtrack was the first CD I ever purchased and had Robert’s “I Believe I Can Fly.”
He is set up for success when I listen to him. I started out with R. (I’ll review it some day) and then moved to Chocolate Factory (I’ll also review that some day). Even without his past relations to my childhood, I think I would still enjoy his art. I usually listen to albums on my eight mile bike ride to work. Some albums make me think, others cringe, and even fewer laugh and be in a plain jolly mood.

His albums put me in a jolly mood with their obvious sexist themes (woman coke, get irrational, love unconditionally, and put up with men’s shit), ridiculous sexual metaphors, and straight awesome hip hop beats.

I want to focus on just this song today:

I was thinking very deeply about this track after repeating it several times on one bike ride. The chu chu sounds, the semi fast but still singable lyrics, oddly consistent string arrangement, and the slappy child sounding snare before the chorus make for one conclusion. A toddler might love this song if given the chance to learn it, especially the train sounds. If Robert added some more of those train sounds, I can almost guarantee I’d be singing this to my future child.


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