Top Ten 2013, Dionne

First Post of 2013 and first post in two weeks.

In no particular order, and not even stuff that I particularly like.

Editor's note: This is one of the first pictures for food that came up.  It's fitting since this is a fairly food centric list.

Editor’s note: This is one of the first pictures for food that came up. It’s fitting since this is a fairly food centric list.

1 – Gravity: It’s been a while since we’ve been to see a movie where we were visually blown away. And motion sick, but that’s besides the point.

2 – Prisoners: Another gem at the theater this year. Too bad it came out way to early for anyone to remember it for Oscar consideration. Hollywood has a short term memory when it comes to academy nominations. Out before October, and it probably won’t be considered.

3 – The Parker, Palm Springs: ┬áthe mid-century modern paradise you wish you could reproduce in your own house. ┬áSummer is our favorite time to go – yes it’s 110 degrees in the shade, but the room rates are reasonable and the hotel and grounds are quiet.

4 – Dare Me by Megan Abbott: best evil cheerleader novel of the year.

5 – Brazilian Barbecue: We’ve been experiencing this style of dining every now and again with large groups of friends. Overpriced, sure, but where else can you get every type of animal charred on a sword and brought to your table, along with a buffet that rivals anything in Vegas, but much higher quality. It’s like the Noah’s Ark of dining.

6 – Din Tai Fung: Dumplings are the new ramen for L.A.

7 – Gen Wa Korean BBQ: We love Korean BBQ, and this place is our favorite. Come for the meat, fill up on the tiny, unending delicious sides.

8 – Cambria, CA: We had a lovely holiday on this empty stretch of the Central California coast, so I’m putting it on this list. Mostly so I remember to go again next year.

9 – Abbrevs: I live in Los Angeles, where language pretty much starts to break down, and then spreads across the country. As far as L.A. is concerned, “selfie” was not the word of the year. The words of the year are the inane abbreviations that float around this town when we can’t be bothered to speak a full sentence, I guess because we are too bored. Tops on the list:
-”sitch”, as in “I can’t be bothered with that sitch anymore”;
-”totes”, as in “totally”, which takes far too long to say;
-”adorbs”, as in “adorable”, and often used in combo w/”totes” – like for looking at puppies.
-”BTW”, because “by the way” takes exactly the same amount of time and effort to say.
-”Amazeballs”. This is not an abbreviation per se, but I keep hearing it everywhere. It’s means good. Really good. Usually for food.
-The perennial and obvious “OMG”, “WTF”, “WTFF”, etc…
Thank god we haven’t stopped saying “like” every third word or so, and even moreso now that we don’t need to say all those polysyllabic words when conversing. Like, totes.

10 – Hipsters looking Amish. WTF is up with this? I do not get that kids in their twenties, the hottest times of their lives, are actually trying to look like Menonites. Ladies – make-up will not kill you and Laura Ashley dresses from the eighties are not cool. They weren’t cool then and they aren’t cool now. And gentlemen – buy a god damned razor already and shave. You’re not living in the woods – you live in an overpriced apartment in Los Feliz and have access to multiple ways to fix your face. Do take advantage of them.

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